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Cub Scout and Boy Scout Badges

Come Visit: 7115 Main Street, Rte 25, Trumbull, CT 06611 Phone: (203)
Mailing Address: Patrons of TNAC, Inc, P.O. Box 110438, Trumbull, CT 06611
• WebCub Scouts, earn your badges at TNAC!
Offering programs for most levels, we provide educational opportunities that make it fun for scouts to earn their badges! Programs cover most steps in each requirement, see below for details. See below for Merit Badge info.

- We require a minimum of 10 scouts per program
- Programs run 1-1/2 - 2 hours
- Cost is listed next to badge name

To register your den, email us at: or call: 203-452-4421

Wolf Badges

• Wolf Adventure: Paws on the Path
($12 per scout)

- Learn to hike safely, and what to pack and wear on a hike
- Go on a hike on our nature trails, recording interesting things, and identifying birds and animals
- Draw a map of the property using common map symbols

• Wolf Elective Adventure: Digging in the Past
($12 per scout, includes fossil cast to take home)

- Learn the names and characteristics of dinosaurs
- Conduct a fossil dig
- Make a fossil cast
- Create your own dinosaur

Bear Badges

• Bear Adventure: Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
($12 per scout, includes herb garden to take home)

- Hike the trails, identifying evidence of animal and plant life
- Observe wildlife in their natural habitats
- Closely examine plants and describe their observations
- Learn about composting
- Plant an herb garden

Webelos and Arrow of Light Badges

• Webelos/Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: Earth Rocks!
($12 per scout)

- Discover the world of geology
- Go on a rock hunt, and learn to identify your finds
- Examine samples of all types of rocks
- Using a mineral test kit, test minerals according to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness

• Webelos/Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: Into the Wild
($16 per scout, includes cricket habitat)

- Learn all about crickets, and make a habitat to take home
- Find out what bird flyways are and which birds use them
- Go on a hike to identify four wild creatures
- Observe insects and animals that are native to our area
- Learn about the food chain and how you can protect the balance of nature
- Visit our pond and discover what it takes to help aquatic ecosystems thrive

• Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Into the Woods
($12 per scout)

- Learn all about trees, from bark and leaves to branches and roots
- Find out why trees are important to our environment
- On a hike around the trails, identify 6 trees and 6 plants that are common to our area
- Examine a tree's growth rings and what they mean

Boy Scout Merit Badges

• Environmental Science
($15 per scout, includes oil spill remediation and bee poster activities)

Our Environmental Science teacher will instruct your troops on aspects of:
ecology, air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, pollution prevention,
resource recovery, and conservation, and pollination.

Note: Trumbull Nature & Arts Center educators are not certified Merit Badge Counselors,
but are valuable resources in the instruction of Merit Badge topics.

To register your den, email us at: or call: 203-452-4421