INDOOR EDUCATION FOR OUTDOOR LEARNING? What’s wrong with this picture?
Author: Joseph A. Baust, Sr., Emeritus Professor/Director of the Center for Environmental Education at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. This article originally appeared on

For every profession there is a training component that includes providing experiences necessary to be able to know the craft. Surgeons work in the operatory as assistants and are mentored. Plumbers and carpenters spend time as apprentices even after an extensive time learning their crafts in technical schools.
ArtSmart! Explorers - Art Adventures
A workshop series of fine art & cool crafting designed to encourage the exploration of design. Individual interpretation will be encouraged through expressive mixed media projects. Projects will include abstract painting, 3-D construction, acrylic painting on canvas, a variety of printmaking techniques, collage/decoupage.
Instructor: K. Vincent

Ornament Extravaganza - Christmas Crafting Inspired by Nature
A handmade holiday… inspired by nature!
Young crafters will create a collection of one-of-a-kind ornaments fashioned from natural materials, adorned with some holiday “sparkle”. Make some to keep & some to gift!
Date: Saturday, November 22 - REGISTRATION CLOSED
Time: 1pm - 3pm
Ages: 8 - 14
Cost: $25
Pre-registration required. Click here to register.

​Special Event! Christmas Crafting!
"Gingerbread" Birdhouse & Bird Treat Wreaths
No dough here… using paint & natural embellishments, decorate a full size wooden birdhouse “gingerbread style” to adorn your holiday table or mantle for many years to come. A perfect gift for grandparents, friends or teachers! We’ll also prepare some treats for REAL birds to enjoy during the chilly months ahead!
​Instructor: K. Vincent
Date: Saturday, November 22 - REGISTRATION CLOSED
Time: 10am - 12pm
Ages: 7 + up
Cost: $25
Pre-registration required. Click here to register.

NEW!! Art Lab For Adults
Grab a latte & text a friend to meet you at TNAC!
No “paint by numbers” approach here… this fun mid-week workshop for ADULTS will allow for experimentation, individual interpretation and creative thinking… while enjoying lively conversation and relaxation in a welcoming, stress free environment. All levels of experience welcome. Each monthly workshop will feature different media and theme.
Dates and Workshop Details:
Wednesday, 12/3: Family Name/Quote - Collage on Canvas
Instructor: K. Vincent
Time: 10am - 12pm
Ages: Adults
Cost: $25 per Workshop
​Pre-registration required. Click here to register.

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The Power of Environmental Hands-on Learning
The Trumbull Nature & Arts Center supports the vision of the Children & Nature Network. Periodically, TNAC will be featuring articles from C&NN and other sources that help support our mission of promoting sound environmental stewardship and enhancing community life through participation in collaborative nature, environment, and art experiences. Read more
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ArtSmart! Programs
Join “Miss Kathy” to celebrate the magic of Autumn with all new art & crafting at TNAC! 
Designed for those families seeking a quality, nature-based creative experience for their child…Kathy Vincent’s workshops allow for an interpretive approach to creating art, with projects designed to encourage creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration and self-expression. These open ended projects will challenge the young artist to manipulate materials through the use of professional media, and enable them to make personal connections to the natural world.

Beginner's DSLR Photography Class - Ages 16 - Adult
Do you have a fancy DSLR camera that is stuck in Auto mode? Even if you take most of your photos with a snazzy little point-and-shoot or just your smartphone, come on down! Don't be intimidated by all the scary terminology, buttons and dials. Even if you prefer to shoot in Auto, following the composition tips will immediately make a difference in your photographs. The two-hour class will include a presentation, hands-on with our cameras and a bit of shooting inside/outside. Be sure to have an empty SD card and a charged battery.
We will cover: Aperture (focal length; depth of field), Shutter speed (how long sensor is exposed to light; exposure), ISO (sensitivity of the sensor), Basic camera operation, Easy-to-learn tips for improving photo composition, A little bit about light and flash,  Q&A
Instructor: D. Kubie
Date: Sunday, November 23
Time: 10am - 12pm
Ages: 16+
Cost: $40
Pre-registration required. Click here to register.
Photography Program